Our Products

In-floor Radient Heating

   Radiant heating systems have been around for years. By circulating warm water throughout complex in-floor piping systems, we can provide you with a heated floor, and a cozy home. PlumbCore specializes in quality boiler system installations that will make your mechanical room stand out from the rest. Radiant heat is comfortable, as well as efficient. 

Custom Built Homes

   At PlumbCore, our reputation bases itself on quality. Exposed or not, all our pipes are neat, tidy and installed correctly. We have a team of workers who take pride in everything they do. Our team invests time in everything as if it is their own home. We install individually run water lines to each plumbing fixture, properly graded and supported ABS drain lines, and a hot and cold water manifold to ensure proper water volume throughout your home. 

Water Filtration Systems

   Water filtration systems provide a home with pure, clean and tasteless drinking water free from sediment and toxins. Well water, as well as city water comes into the home unpurified. By treating the water with tools such as softening equipment, ultraviolet light protection, and sediment filters we can ensure an absolute quality of water throughout the home. 

Service & Maintenance

   PlumbCore Mechanical has a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable tradesmen who have the ability to diagnose as well as repair any issues you may come across in your home. We guarantee service on anything we have installed, and are willing to take on any other mechanical related issues.